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Chapter 4 - DIE ON TOP - 2011

DIE ON TOP draws attention towards the apathetic spiral that most Americans proudly fall into mentally, financially, and spiritually. Each song on DIE ON TOP addresses daily dilemmas many Americans face in their everyday lives such as war, poverty, mental illness, relationship issues, and suicide. Through crafty wording and subliminal samples, Ocean Ghosts subtley encourage their American brethren to keep forging ahead, right or wrong, in a vain attempt to DIE ON TOP of life.

01. IED
02. Bottom Gun
03. Dragon Ass
04. The HIV Waiting Room Song
05. Sugar Fire
06. Dirty Dumb Tricks
07. Love in a Bottle {Album Version} {RADIO EDIT}
08. Tomorrow Never Sleeps
09. Good Times and Great Oldies {Album Version} {RADIO EDIT}
11. Too True to Be Strange
12. Osama Time Blues
13. Stars and Bars
14. We’re a Band from America

"Emotional resonance is a rarity in this sort of music, but it can be found in the combination of Rhodes’s oddball lyrics and Boombox’s summertime smile factory of a backing track. The end result is the sort of losing-one’s-mind horror show that the hallucinatory dying sequence in the movie All That Jazz conveyed so well. And that is just the first track. The album continues to be equal parts pop blender and harrowing exploration, demanding deeper listen after deeper listen so that Die on Top can exorcise its demons."
- Rick Allen, The Other Paper, 2011


The entire album in one .ZIP file
High-quality mp3's with artwork
{ Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics }
Chapter 3 - American Pride - 2008
"American Pride" reveals a diverse range of stolen music samples spanning hard rock, soul, and soft rock. The cunning lyrics revolve around the subjects of murdering enemies, loving life, the vacuousness of blogging, alcoholism, and enemy murder. "American Pride" is a poignant portrait of a country swinging with sultans while in dire straights.

01. American Pride
02. Self Taught Taxidermy
03. Ride My Sunshine (Produced by Ruckus Roboticus)
04. I Don’t Read Your Blog
05. Two Glass Eyes
06. Death of the Party
07. Life Guidance II
08. Delicious Ambition
09. Dying in a Nightmare
10. Human Leather
11. Old Man Rumple Minze

REVIEW: "... I have to give J. Rhodes and Scotty Boombox credit: Nobody delivers comical, controversy-baiting, sample-delic party jams with more conviction. At least their music demands some sort of reaction, which is more than most bands can muster these days. Their latest, American Pride, blends soul samples, unison rap-singing and mechanized beats into a strange but welcoming pastiche that channels everything from Beck to Paula Abdul to Gil Mantera's Party Dream" - Chris Deville, Columbus Alive, 10/22/08
The Latest Album - Pepperoni Lovers
The entire album in one .ZIP file
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Chapter 2 - Pepperoni Lovers - 2007
Pepperoni Lovers is a self-produced journey featuring sample-based party music dipping into the realms of soul, disco, calypso, and progressive rock with lyrical content that explores the themes of profligacious excess, existential realism, and personal healing through high-living. Self help music for the self hater in all of us.

01. Stay Away from Gangs and Drugs
02. Trick Rhetoric
03. Biker Woman Recipe
04. Quit Freaking Out
05. Let It Rip
06. S my D
07. Good Girls Don’t Do That
08. Big Daddy Kane
09. Don’t Die Tonight
10. Extreme Ball Pressure
11. Pepperoni Lovers
12. Is This Your Wife?
13. Summer Snow
14. A Diamond is for Never

REVIEW: "Everything that Columbus' Ocean Ghosts have released has been one big ol' party-time, hip-hop cruise through groovy, hilarious waters. But the group's new CD, Pepperoni Lovers, casts a large shadow over all of their previous work. Biker Woman Recipe, Is This Your Wife, Good Girls Don't Do That and Big Daddy Kane (named no doubt for one of Ocean Ghosts' prime influences) -- this is a grade-A pizza pie." - The Columbus Dispatch 3/29/07

The First Album
The entire album in one .ZIP file
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{ Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics }

Chapter 1 - Stars & Stripes Forever - 2006
Stars and Stripes Forever incorporates soul, disco, hip-hop, and funk soundscapes with purposeful turntablism and interrogating lyrics about socio-political rhetoric and partying hardcore to the maximum limit ever.

01. White People Blacked Out
02. Out of the Night
03. King Cobra and Box Wine
04. Where's My Brother?
05. Atomic Bukkake
06. Bill Goodman's Gun + Knife Show
07. Life Guidance
08. Beating Bush
09. American Patrol
10. Hitchcock
11. Party Trauma
12. Death Medication
13. Yellow Cocaine
14. Recommended Dosage
15. Magic Jackson
16. Stars and Stripes Forever

REVIEW: "...a sometimes crude, sometimes lewd tribute to this nation and a citizen's right to make a complete mockery of it... Lyrics discuss nuclear war, God and President Bush alongside sex and getting piss drunk. The result is a passive-aggressive critique that uses hedonism as a subversive force... a fascinating, blurry-eyed stare straight back at a country that can seem confusing and unfamiliar... The record works as a critique of American weirdness because the songs are largely a celebration of it..."- read the full article here by the Alive's John Ross 6/29/06
DIE ON TOP Stars and Stripes Forever Pepperoni Lovers American Pride