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on "THE SOUND OF PLAID" 6/21/2012

"The mighty party duo of Scotty Boombox and Thrusty Rhodes visit the studio to fill the whole show with their brilliant and brazen soft rock raps from their four albums, and grace us with at least six tracks performed live. As if things weren't silly enough, we also interview Randy The Drunken Party Mime and hosts TradeMark and Frilly get to interpret his mimed answers."

"liking them becomes a badge of honor"
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Ocean Ghosts create American World Music – an inspired blend
of party jams, sampled sounds, and peculiar lyricism
also known as “white magic”.

Emulating their forefathers, Thrusty Rhodes and Scotty Boombox enslave other people’s art in a calculated effort to reformulate the material into a re-purposed vision of dominating radiance; a style of music the mainstream press termed as “haunting rock-hop”.

Since 2005, Ocean Ghosts have released 4 full length albums on the prestigious label, Willy Crystal Recordings Unlimited Inc. and have played over 130 LIVE performances across the Midwest
with the likes of Dave Chappelle, Girl Talk, Crystal Castles,
DJ Swamp, Ordinary Peoples, Titonton, & many many more...

DIE ON TOP, the final album from OG, is already gathering litigious attention from the Zappas and critical attention from critics worldwide.

The Ocean Ghosts Documentary 2006-2007

fringe art +
dadaistic realism +
manic depression set to a dope beat =

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